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Find your own path to loving Italy.

I for Italia was born out of love and passion for our country. Our custom journeys connect you with the very best of what Italy has to offer, paving your own unique path towards loving Italy as much as we do. 


Bespoke Itineraries
Chi viaggia vive due volte*

Our trips are crafted by experts with deep knowledge of Italian culture and traditions. They handle everything, from creating your perfect itinerary to planning unique experiences, for a stress-free trip.

* Life is a voyage! Those who travel live twice!

Private Small Group Tours
Facile come bere un bicchier d'aqua*

Our small group tours focus on culture and authenticity, combining the classic highlights with opportunities to discover enchanting, lesser-known locations and a taste of local life.  We also create custom group trips for friends, family, or colleagues.

* As easy as drinking a glass of water!


Meet us in Sorrento

Get a taste for Italy with our trip to Sorrento, located just around the corner from the Amalfi Coast. With gorgeous scenery and all the fantastic food and drink you’d expect, you’ll unwind on an organic lemon farm and learn how the famous limoncello liquor is made.


We are a small team  
Nella botte piccola c'è il vino buono*

We are a small team with huge talent. We take our time getting to know each client, ensuring your experience is truly unforgettable.

*In the small barrel, there’s the good wine.

We Have First-Hand Experience
Sappiamo ciò di cui parliamo*

We don’t just sell travel to Italy. Our clients are treated like  friends or family visiting our hometown.

*We know what we are talking about.

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