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About Us


I for Italia is a bespoke travel company specializing in the celebration and promotion of Italian culture and tradition. From expertly-planned custom travel itineraries, to private small group travel experiences, we give all we have to craft a travel experience that is unique to our client’s desires.

Meet Our Team



Head Tour Leader


Travel Designer
& Historian



Risk Management & Operations Support

Italian at Our Core

We ferociously research every aspect of Italy, building connections with local communities and working tirelessly to reach our ultimate goal: providing you with the most authentic, genuine travel experience possible. We don't just love Italy, Italy is our foundation, our mission, and the core of everything we do. 

It is for you, the curious traveler, the secret lover, the aesthete, the seeker of a more authentic, more connected way of travel, that I for Italia was born. So, andiamo, let’s go together.

We Know Our Stuff

The majority of our team were born and raised in Italy. We speak the language and we all share the same knowledge, passion, and respect for this amazing country. We have seen it all - from big cities, to tiny medieval villages, to the forgotten "borghi" where old men still meet at the local bar to play cards. 

We care deeply about supporting local tradition and bringing business to authentic artisans and suppliers across Italy. We believe behind every breathtaking monument, delicious dish, and sip of vino, that there is a wonderfully human story to be discovered and shared. Our travelers  experience true Italian culture through our knowledge, services, and connections.

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