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Meet Chiara!

Since I was a teenager, when my friends were looking for the perfect outfit to go out, I spent my time in the bookstore looking for a guidebook for my next trip. I had beautiful adventures around the world and I still have a lot to discover.

Almost ten years ago, I transformed this passion in a job taking people around Europe and around my beloved country, Italy: there is so much to discover that I can go back to the same city many times and still discover new things. I love walking and getting lost in a city, finding out wonderful spots, tasting local specialties, and sharing them with the people I travel with: their expressions of happiness and their smiles are priceless for me.

Favorite Pasta

Pizzoccheri from the Valtellina region, Gricia pasta from Rome and Pasta alla Norma from Sicily...just to name a few.

Favorite Italian Word/Phrase

I would say it's a word that Italian people say a lot: "Allora"

The Best Region of Italy

It's like asking me if I love mum or dad. Love all of them.

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