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The Aztec-Inspired Modica Chocolate

Are you a fan of chocolate? Well, have you heard of Modica chocolate? This delightful Sicilian delicacy has a fascinating history that dates back centuries! Modica chocolate has been produced in the city of Modica using a special technique that dates back to the Aztecs.

The story of Modica chocolate can be traced back to the 16th century when Sicily was under Spanish rule. Chocolate was considered a luxury item that only the wealthy could afford. However, the people of Modica developed their own unique style of chocolate-making that made it more accessible to the masses.

The technique used to make Modica chocolate is known as "cold working," where the cocoa beans are ground using a stone mill at a temperature below 40°C. This is different from traditional chocolate-making methods that involve heating the chocolate to much higher temperatures. As a result, Modica chocolate has a unique texture that is both grainy and crumbly - as well as completely resistant to melting in the heat (important in a place like Sicily!)

Modica chocolate is also known for its intense flavor due to the fact that it is made using only a few simple ingredients, including cocoa mass, sugar, and sometimes a flavoring like vanilla or cinnamon. This simplicity allows the natural flavors of the cocoa beans to shine through.

Today, Modica chocolate is considered a true Sicilian treasure and is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The city of Modica is home to several chocolatiers who continue to use the traditional cold-working technique to produce this delicious chocolate.

We love Sabadi, a small award-winning chocolatier who uses only the finest raw materials to make their chocolate. You can purchase their products directly online to try this centuries-old recipe yourself, or — even — get in touch with us to organise the Sicilian trip of your dreams and spend a morning or afternoon at Sabadi touring their workshop and tasting an array of their delicious flavours which feature local ingredients.

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