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Meet Courtney!

Hi! My name is Courtney. I was born in America and live in Bath (England) but my heart (and, let’s face it, my stomach) lives in Italy. I’m a historian, spritz-enthusiast, obscure Italian wine lover, and Venice’s biggest fan.

Favorite Pasta

Oh my god how could you make me choose? There are so many, but I once had a very simple plate of pici pasta in Siena with a tomato and garlic sauce and these herby crunchy breadcrumbs that genuinely made me cry (with joy). Simplicity and the highest possible quality of ingredients are why Italian cuisine is so divine.

Favorite Italian Word/Phrase

Ha! My favorite (publicly appropriate) Italian word is pisolino, which is the cutest ever word for ‘nap’.

The Best Region of Italy

I’m choosing Umbria as it’s hugely underrated, full of history (hello beautiful ancient hilltop villages), and home to my favorite wine in the world - Sagrantino.

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